Colors, colors and more colors!


Hello everybody!

Quick post today to show you my first painted eye even if it still not finished!!
I’m going to start with: seen that it is the first time I’m painting an eye…I’m really proud! I say this because every time I take a look at it I see a new thing that went wrong…aaaannnddd then I realise it wasn’t that good…and then I finish with aaaagggghhhh I don’t like it anymore! :p

So, I won’t say anything else and I will let you finally see it!!


To finish it I just need some shadows to give volume to the eye!

Thanks for reading! :)

Hello everybody!!

I hope you are all ok and your holidays were awesome!! It has been a while since my last post, buy I promise I fully charged my batteries!! :)

Summer is time for relax…and this is what I did! I decided to take a break and let all my painting projects wait for September…the only problem is that during summer I got new and super nice ideas…so my list of things that I want to do increased! This means then….more fun for me! ;)

Today I want to show you my first abstract painting: Dancing until 6am! :)


I really had fun painting it, specially because I did it in Pauline’s company (do you remember her from my ‘I want to play my violin post’ post? ). We both decided to have a ‘girls’ weekend because we wanted to visit some nice places in France, spend time together and do some sort of creative activity. So guess what, we took our brushes and painting and we decided to let our imagination fly…and well, it is not so bad right? :)
Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of Pauline’s painting but i can say that she has a hidden talent!! ;)

I hope to post something new very soon, I’m really exciting about my next painting!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!! :)

Welcome Mimono!!

Just finished a new diy!! More complicated than the last one but it turned out quite good actually. To be honest with you there are a couple of things to improve…so next one is going to be perfect!!

I named him ‘Mimono’ (mi monkey in spanish) after a joke my boyfriend did today and jokes apart…I think it is a really nice name (try not to think about what it means but how does it sound instead!!).


Hope you like it! If you want to know more about this diy, please go to Craft Passion.

Take care and thanks for reading!!! :)

Let the sun shine!

Work in progress! I’ve spent all weekend figuring out how to paint my next canvas…aaannd I found the way to represent what I have in my head!

So in my next post I will show you the results! In the meantime I just wanted to show you a small part of the future painting!

Thanks for reading!!! :)



Celebrating selling my first painting!! :)


Feeling good!!!

Yesterday we celebrated the end of this year’s painting course in ‘Le Gribouillard’. It was really nice to see all the students who participated in our final assessment: decorating the ‘atelier’s entry!




Because I love painting and it is a passion for me, I decided to paint a heart that pumps colour! (…and you probably noticed that I do like hearts… :p )

Hope you like it! :)


100 followers…I can’t believe it!!
The only thing I can say is….thank you very much for folowing my adventures in the art world!


Next painting is going to be in a round canvas that my boyfriend offered me for my birthday (a long long time ago!!).

Take care and enjoy your saturday!



You don’t know how good I’m feeling right now…I’ve just finished the super big painting full of flowers and colours!


Big challenge…but I have to say that I feel I accomplished it!! In any case the last word will be from its future owner…I hope she will like and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!!

Thanks for reading and have a nice week! :)




Dali’s House

Still painting my big canvas but I wanted to show you my last class assignment: I’ve called it Dali’s House (you probably know why :) ).

I don’t remember how many hours we spent on this collage but the whole exercise included: make the collage (first of all we had to glue it and then explose it), draw it and paint it!

Hope you like it!!


Painting and painting

It has been a while since my last post…but here I am with some fresh news ;)

Still painting my super big canvas…lots of flowers, lots of colours! I’m enjoying every single moment…painting, getting things wrong and correcting them, trying new things on a paper before painting them directly on the canvas…as you can see I don’t have time to waist ;)

Unfortunately (or not :) ) May in France is a month that doesn’t count because we have so many bank holidays (and this year we could take three long weekends) that I’m behind my schedule…but, I have fixed myself a deadline and I want to make it on time…so, here you have some pictures of my canvas and something that I tried…and I leave you with suspense until the 21st of June!!!!



Thanks for reading!! :)


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